16 Ways To Be Her Hero!


16 Ways To Be Her Hero _ BStylish_Fitness
  1. You can put down the weights and the protein shakes. you might want us to be perfect looking; we simply want you to not be fat.
  2. Replace all of those hideous size-extra-large T-Shirts with something that actually sort of fits. I think you might be a medium.
  3. I don’t care what the plan is. Just have one.
  4. Candles. They re so cheap and so effective.
  5. When you give her a gift, include a card. You can spend less on the gift if you write something nice. Don’t buy a card with a message in it, unless you’re dating Rakhi Sawant!
  6. She arrives home from work eager for attention. You arrive home from work eager for some beer and cricket hours. The moment you come home, hug her look into her eyes and say that you’re happy to see her. This simple gesture, done with sincerity, will earn you lots of time on the couch.
  7. Never utter the phrase, “I know I am no Tiger Shroff / Ranveer Singh / Hrithik Roshan. “You’re a guy. Merely acting like you think you’re hot makes you hot. Be grateful, because women actually have to be hot to be hot.
  8. Keep your bathroom and kitchen dust bins covered. They hide stuff we don’t want to know about anyway.
  9. You might not know what she wants you to get her for her birthday, but her friends do. Ask them.
  10. Make a list entitled “Intolerable Behavior from Women,” and when you see it happening, speak up. Let us know you won’t be around no matter what, and we’ll want to keep you.
  11. When we are together, sometimes we are occupied with tasks – closing a window, putting on a new DVD, petting the dog – that causes us to focus the gaze elsewhere. May we suggest these windows of time as the most favorable for scratching you balls.
  12. When a woman asks you to accompany her to a party or a family event, R.S.V.P within 24 hours. If you find that you can’t commit, do everyone a favor and break it off.
  13. Realize that if you “keep forgetting’ to trim your nose hair, ear hair, neck hair, we will keep forgetting” to initiate sex.
  14. Stop operating on the in-trouble / not-in-trouble paradigm. Just because we’re not yelling at you doesn’t mean everything is okay.
  15. If you’re late, call her.
  16. Brush your teeth a lot.

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